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T h e   P r e s e n t  C o n c e p t   f o r   " R e t u r n   t o   G l o r y " . . .
P l a n n e d   R T G   P r o j e c t s . . .

To highlight significant accomplishments of African descendants since the dawn of civilization, expose racist/prejudicial distortions and cover-ups of those achievements, analyze examples of African American success stories, and offer a process for individual healing, hoping and cross-cultural understanding.

  Though the concept of Return to Glory is simple, its execution is not.  Co-authors Don Griffin and Joel Freeman have spent considerable time researching this project, separating fact from fiction. The concept was made tangible in 1997 with the publication of the book Return to Glory: The Powerful Stirring of the Black Man.

  Now Griffin and Freeman have taken this concept to the next level: an award-winning 45-minute "docudrama" film through which they are delivering their message -- your message -- of truth and hope to an even larger audience.  Though not an easy task, theirs is a labor of love.  It is up to us, all of us, to confront the centuries-old distortions which affect the way we view others and ultimately ourselves. see below for even more manifestations of the RTG vision.

  The lack of knowledge is a destructive force.  Slavery, racism, prejudice, stereotypes, and legally-enforced apartheid have been woven into the fabric of American society.  Given this reality, Don and Joel do not have grandiose ideas about affecting enormous changes.  But there is hope!

  OBJECTIVE: To create media (books, films, videos, DVDs, music compilation CDs, comic books, educational series and much more) for the purpose of equipping people with relevant resources that truly connect with our target audience, young African American men (12-27). Even with our target audience...Black women, Black men over 27, White people and people of African descent from other cultures have enthusiastically received the message of the Return To Glory book and film.

  VALUES: We implement the goals and objectives of The Freeman Institute Foundation with honesty, integrity and perseverance. We are neither Afro-centric nor Euro-centric. We are Truth-centric. 

  Because we want our works to be trustworthy, we value research. We strive to address contemporary issues with well-documented information in a user-friendly fashion. Anyone using our resources can be confident that everything communicated is professional, "non-weird", relevant, non-partisan, and well-researched -- without a political agenda. We value excellence. We will not tolerate anything unprofessional in the preparation, manufacturing or presentation -- nothing to potentially inhibit the the reader, the viewer or the listener from being impacted by the RTG message. 

  The response to Return to Glory, the book and film versions, has been almost overwhelming, touching a deep nerve  internationally.  By bringing powerful visual images to the screen, the film version spans cultural barriers, impacting folks around the world -- one person at a time.

  Through The Freeman Institute Foundation the funds necessary are being raised to donate a special not-for-resale edition of the DVD version of the film (with uncut interviews, Ancient Egyptian Photo Gallery, music videos from NAS, DC Talk and more surprises) to every juvenile detention center, prison, rehab center and school in America (Middle, Junior High, Senior High, College, University). This is an enormous, ongoing project...

  We welcome your financial help. The subtitled translation of the film into French (Dr. Israel King), Portuguese (Luiz Viveiros and Lisa Groves) and Spanish (Margarita Kinstler and Magdalena Moreno) has been accomplished.

  We plan to donate over 100,000 copies of the DVD version of the film throughout the continent of Africa, Brazil, the Caribbean and parts of Europe . 

  Perhaps you can help raise the funds necessary to reach the juvenile detention facilities, rehab centers, prisons and/or schools in a specific region of North America.

  In August, 2002 Dr. Freeman and Producer/Director Steve Alston traveled to West Africa to collaborate on a 2nd project tentatively titled African Kings: A  Journey Into the Past, Present and Future of African Kingdoms.  Freeman and Alston were given unprecedented access to many African Kings and Queens.

  The recorded interviews with these Kings that can only be seen in this upcoming documentary. This film will combine authentic tribal dances and stunning photography while addressing the past, present and future perspectives of the African Kingdoms. This project serves as a sister project to the "Return to Glory" documentary. How can you help financially to facilitate this and many other remarkable opportunities?

------- F U T U R E    P R O J E C T S -------

 -- ...The Moment... -- A hopeful book, filled with short vignettes, describing "The Moment" when people first realized that the rules were different for them, just because of their race or nationality. It will end with wisdom lessons developed by many who have personally confronted racism and prejudice. If you want to share your personal experience (which may potentially be used in this book), feel free to check out a web page dedicated to this particular project. You are invited to participate. This will also be made into a documentary film...

 -- Return To Glory -- An upcoming 13-part series complete with 20-25 minute video clips (discussion starters) on DVD, Leaders' Guide, Discussion Guide and Workbooks. This series will be designed for educational institutions, churches and mentoring groups. This comprehensive course will cover four basic categories, we are calling "The Five Journeys". This is a work in progress.

-- The Many Return To Glory Music Compilation CDs -- 

1. Inspirational Jazz Fusion: With Wayman Tisdale, Jazz Crusaders, Ronnie Laws, Allan & Allen, Freddy Cole, Joe Lovano, Bobby Lyle, a previously unreleased Duke Ellington song and many more. Available now...

   2. Gospel: Ten artists have already committed to this project. 
   3. Inspirational Rap/Hip Hop: We have a number of artists ready to go with this project.
   4. Blues:
   5. Reggae:
   6. Calypso:
   7. Rhythm and Blues:
   8. Rock and Roll (Jimi Hendrix style):
   9. Musical Historic Timeline: Each song communicating another chapter in Black History,
                                         from the ancient to the modern.
   A large percentage of each CD will be donated to the TFI Foundation.

 -- Return To Glory -- An planned world-class page comic book/graphic novel, visually depicting ancient African history combined with biblical history and how it impacts our modern culture/society. This Collector's Edition graphic novel will be able to be translated into any number of languages like Hausa, Ibo, Swahili, French, Portuguese, Spanish, etc.. The entire cost to create this professional project, written and designed by a highly skilled illustrator, will be approximately $120,000 (includes first printing). Let us know if you are interested in helping to fund this project through our Foundation. The inside of the back cover is available for any individual or entity interested in sponsoring this project. Contact us with your interest.

 -- A White Man's Journey Into Black History -- You have seen the DVD presentation (about 2 hours). The book version (to be completed) will be filled with unique photographs and historical facts.

 -- Black History Postcards -- An ever-expanding series of postcards depicting historical figures like Phillis Wheatley, Jesse Owens, Toussiant L'Overture, Peter Jackson, Alexander Dumas, Frederick Douglass and more. Take a look at the growing collection.

 -- Ancient Egyptian Photo Gallery -- An upcoming CD (due out soon), with an easy-to-navigate menu, especially designed for educational institutions and private use. Includes more than 230 photographs, RTG film trailer and many other extras.

 -- The Freeman Institute Foundation-Sponsored K-12/College Educational Curriculum -- We are in the beginning stages of the development of a world-class curriculum designed for every age between Kindergarten and the 12th Grade. The goal is to design a core curriculum that, with a bit of customization for each culture, can have a global impact.

 -- Return To Glory: The Powerful Stirring of the Black Man -- A planned hard cover Collector's Edition (updated with photographs, illustrations and other surprises) of the current book, Return To Glory.

 -- African Kings: A Journey Into the Past, Present and Future of African Kingdoms -- A documentary film revealing the human joys and the political struggles of the modern beneficiaries of ancient royalty and how they are bearing the effects of European colonialism, politics and business across the continent of Africa.

 -- African Voodoo: A Journey Into A Traditional African Religion -- Voodoo got its start in the 13th Century in Benin, West Africa. Follow Dr. Freeman in this powerful documentary film as he explores its ancient roots and current influence in the initiation rites of African Kings, the current AIDS crisis in Africa and in general African culture.

 -- King James: A Journey Into the African Diaspora and the Bible -- What was the prevailing attitude toward slavery in Great Britain around the time of the King James translation? How could American slave owners blatantly use this Book to justify slavery? Is the Bible historically the White man's Book? Is the Bible a rich repository of Black presence? In this intriguing documentary film we will ruthlessly confront the fact and the fiction surrounding these and other controversial subjects.

C.P.A Approach
(CPA concept designed by Patricia Ware)
   The Freeman Institute owns a rather eclectic Black History Collection with 3,000+ documents and artifacts, that will soon play an important part of The Freeman Institute Foundation's vision -- We plan to open African American history galleries in major American cities and selected cities internationally. Our goal is to educate and inspire young people with the "C.P.A. Approach".

Capturing Hearts and Minds through the inspiration received from and knowledge contained in Return To Glory resources.  A combined strategic focus on this step, will allow RTG to be even more deliberate in achieving its goal of changing the distorted image of Black people by starting from ancient beginnings instead of the traditional starting points of slavery, colonization, Jim Crow, or apartheid.
     2.  Proving the Point with actual documents and artifacts. Verification of the history will be established through collections and exhibitions of genuine historical documents and artifacts from the respective nation in which RTG has a presence. PHASE 1: We are currently in the process of implementing Phase 1, utilizing the African American History Collection. More comprehensive Phases will be implemented once additional finances are secured.

Affecting Change and Future Life Goals is realized through partnerships with national and community-based service organizations whose purpose is to impact behavior and alter life outcomes. The Freeman Institute Foundation will provide resources to help these organizations as they assist their constituents in achieving their true potential, regardless of race, gender or generation.
Any ideas? email (cell: 410-991-9718)

Frederick Douglass


   Under the umbrella of Rosetta Classic, LLC. and The Freeman Institute Foundation, Dr. Freeman has developed full-size, museum-quality replicas of the famous Rosetta Stone. Click on the link or photograph to learn more about the historical significance and the technology utilized to fabricate these masterpieces.

   Ever the educational entrepreneur, Dr. Joel Freeman has developed eight uniquely handcrafted innovations of these  reproductions, including a stunning full-size, 3-D replica, a "lost wax" fine art bronze, a 3-D digital holographic image, etc. Dr. Freeman officially launched the Rosetta Stone replica project at the Library of Congress (DC) with his popular presentation, "The Mysterious Rosetta Stone: A Code Crackin' International Treasure."

   These life-size Rosetta Stone facsimiles (45" tall x 30" wide x 11" thick, 95 lbs), with pedestal base (30" tall x 30" across) will be exhibited in each Black History gallery...mentioned above.

 -- Many more resources to come...

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